An Education towards a Brilliant Future for Syrians

An Education towards a Brilliant Future for Syrians

TASTAKEL organization recently hosted a graduation ceremony for its students at the tenth, eleventh, and advanced levels of the Conflict Resolution program, generously supported by George Mason University. The ceremony, which took place on June 22nd, was a momentous occasion.

On behalf of the TASTAKEL family, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to all our students. We want to express our utmost admiration for your remarkable accomplishments and offer our sincere wishes for a bright and prosperous future ahead. Take pride in your achievements, for they represent the culmination of your hard work and dedication.

Never forget that we are immensely proud of you and firmly believe in your abilities to shape a better future for Syria. As you continue on your journey, may you find endless opportunities for growth, success, and making a positive impact in your communities.

Once again, congratulations to all the graduates. You are the driving force for change and the ambassadors of hope. May your path be filled with great achievements and may you continue to inspire others with your remarkable dedication and resilience


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Hind kabawat

President TASTAKEL, Director of interfaith and Peace Building, CRDC

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Pr. Marc Gopin

CRDC Director, GMU

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Thuraya Bakour

Executive Board Member, Strategist


Pr.Murat Aslan

Hasan Kalyoncu University, Educational Consultant with CRDC and TASTAKEL


Pr. Patrice Brodeur

University of Montreal

Ambassador Miriam Shearman

Miriam Shearman

Board member TASTAKEL Ambassador

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Ms.Maria Therese Kiriaki

President of the Arab Austrian women Organization

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Hawas Saadooun

Kurdish National Council


PR.Lary Chester

University of Toronto, Consultant

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Dr.Zaedon Al Zoubi

2 minutes Negotiation Expert, Trainor in TASTAKEL


Ms.Lesly Black

TASTAKEL, Board member

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Yasser Al-Farhan

Mizan organization - Human Rights, Trainer

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Ghaithaa Asaad

Psychosocial TASTAKEL support Trainor

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Munir Al-Ayoubi

Media Traino TASTAKEL

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Mazhar Sharbaji

Election Trainor - LACU

Speakers from our Students

Najah Malak – advanced Class – Kurdish / Qamishli

Fadi Jourieh – Gaziantep Center – Session 11 / Homs

Yamam Al-Abd Al-Ghani – Azaz Center – Session 10 / Raqqa

Hayyan Hababa – advanced Class / Idlib

Amal Hamza advanced Class / Suwayda

Abdel Fattah Sheikh Omar- Gaziantep Center, session 10 / Aleppo
Rafif Nin, Azaz Center, Cohort 11/Idlib
Sham Al-Haffar Advanced Class / Damascus
Soraya Hijazi, a

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