Muntaha Sultan al-Atrash

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Today, we bid farewell to the Syrian journalist and human rights activist Muntaha Sultan al-Atrash, who spent her life defending the rights of Syrians and raising the voice against dictatorship, injustice and oppression in Syria.
Since graduating at the end of the sixties from the Faculty of Arts, Department of Journalism at Cairo University, the late woman has worked in journalistic writing, and has also been involved in human rights work through the Syrian Organization for Human Rights (Swasiah), of which she was a member of its board of directors and spokesperson.
In March 2011, with the early days of the Syrian revolution, she was among the male and female intellectuals who signed the Declaration of the National Covenant, which called for “building a civil democratic state and respecting diversity” in Syria. She was also one of the signatories to the Milk Statement in 2011.
Mercy to the soul of #Montaha_Atrash, and condolences to her family, loved ones, and all Syrians.


بالشراكة بين منظّمة تستقل ومنظّمة غصن زيتون تم إنشاء  منصّة DSCS والتي هي منصّة اتصال رقمية مبتكرة ثنائية الاتجاه تتعامل مع منظمات المجتمع المدني والمنظمات المجتمعية والمنظمات الشعبية , تعلن منصّة DSCS عن فتح باب التسجيل لدورات تدريبيّة لـ 15 منظمة من منظمات المجتمع المدني للمناطق التالية (هاتاي _غازي عنتاب _شانلي أوروفا ).
على المنظمات التي ترغب للتعرف والانضمام للدورات التدرّيبية التسجيل على الاستبيان التالي :