A shelter center was established in Basuta for Kurdish, Arabs and Yazidis. 27 families were refuged in the center where necessary services were provided including medical treatment, food and women and kids supplies. 

A visit by TASTAKEL  staff to Al-Qunayah area in Jesr Alshoughour help those affected by earthquake.

A memorial ceremony for late Dr. Basma Koudmani in presence of international political figures and the announcment of a university scholarship in her name.

Graduation ceremony for 303 TASTAKEL’s students in the presence of TASTAKEL’s staff, Ambassador Myriam Sherman, Prof Marc Gopin, Prof Murat Aslan, Mr. Hawas Saadun, Prof Partice Brodeur and Ms.Lesly Black.

International Meetings

A dialogue session with Ms. Najat Rushdi, Deputy special envoy for Syria at TASTAKEL’s headquarter in Gaziantep with the participation of activists from north west Syria in addition to a number of civil society and women organisations in Gaziantep.


A session at TِِASTAKEL’s premises in Gaziantep with guests from UN women


A Dialogue session with Mrs Sabah Hallak member of constitutional committee and member of WAB and instructor with TASTAKEL

TASTAKEL participated in a research study with the Berghof Foundation, on women’s work in the field of mediation and conflict resolution

Female students from TASTAKEL’s participatin in a side event at Brussels conference.


Participation of TASTAKEL with Madaniah organisation in Paris


Iftar for 150 TASTAKEL students in Azaz city

Dialogue sessions with fellow activists and our students from TASTAKEL in Sweida to celebrate the revival of the revolution in Sweda governorate


TASTAKEL guests who gave sessions

Father Ivo Markovic from Bosnia

Jamal Suleiman

Nidal Malouf

Larry Chester

Sabah Hallak

Murat Aslan Professor

Mazen Darwish

Khaled Mumtaz

Lea Baroud

Alia Mansour

Mary Therese Keryaki

Nayla 'Tabara

Najeb Aoud

Patric Broder

Mohamad Ala Ghanem

Hawas Sadoun

Samir Taki

Mohammad Sarmını

Najah Hevo

Anwer Almajani

Abd Aljalili Chakake

Palwasha Kakar

Our Joint Projects

Law clinic project

Exhibition for forcibly disappeared in Istanbul and Geneva

Peace builder project

Completion of the Qaniya project

Because we deserve peace project

[ar:]مشروع لاننا نستحق السلامBecause we deserve peace project

Participation with our partners from triple 11 and olive branch organisations in verification sessions on data collected by EU project DSCS through workshop with 15 civil society organisations which benefits from project in order to create a shared space between all organisations.

At the year end TASTAKEL, as part of its participation in the campaign to stop violence against women, organised a concert, under the slogan: dialogue of music and humanity bring us together, music and words from languages of the lands we loved were played to create a musical dialogue in Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, Armenian and Syria