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Tastakel is a non-profit women led organization that was founded in 2015. It is officially registered in Geneva & Turkey. Tastakel was founded by a group of diverse Syrian women who began work towards building a democratic society on the basis of respect, justice & rule of law. The organization aims to foster the values of equality, interfaith and human rights. We are committed to all Syrians throughout the country.  


About us

We are a group of Syrian women who believe in the power of thought and dialogue to induce change. We look forward to Syria’s transition from dictatorship and tyranny to the values of freedom, justice, rule of law, as well as equality and solidarity.

We believe that education, peacebuilding and women’s empowerment fortify our societies and put them on the path to recovery and prosperity. We also believe that plurality and diversity, if harnessed in their proper context, become a source of strength. We are convinced that Syrians possess the resources and capabilities to explore new horizons and to build a nation where all citizens live in dignity and security and enjoy equal opportunities and create a different future.


We are dedicated to serving Syrian society with a focus on creating a culture that reflects its rich and diverse communities with attention to a holistic recovery in Syria including ecological aspects. We believe that education, equality and inclusion will lead to a recovery process, because they are the real stakeholders in society. We aim to achieve this through interfaith dialogue, raising political awareness, and empowering Syrians with the skills of conflict resolution and peace building. We believe engaging women and youth as agents of change will positively contribute towards creating a truly diverse and vital democratic governance. Women and youth stand to be the main beneficiaries, which positions them to be the cornerstone of sustainable peace.


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Our Approach

Transforming the conflict on the basis of dialogue, non-violence and empowering Syrian women.

Political participation

Peacebuilding Dialogue

social programming (Hayat Alkhayrat School for Children in Idleb Camp)

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Generations for Peace

Generations For Peace and Tastakel partner for first-ever programme in Syria “IDEAS” programme promotes Interfaith Dialogue for Empowering and Advancing Society Across various Syrian Religious and Ethnic identities 12 January 2022 – Amman/Jordan: Generations For ......

Syria News Agency

Part of the graduation ceremony for male and female students from the “Governance and Peacebuilding” diploma at the University of Aleppo in the liberated areas, in coordination between Tastakel and George Mason University in the United States.


"اجيال السلام" و "تستقل" شريكان لأول مرة على برنامج في سوريا
أعلنت هيئة أجيال السلام ومؤسسة تستقل للمرأة عن شراكتهما لتنفيذ برنامج "أفكار" لتعزيز مفهوم حوار الأديان من أجل تمكين المجتمع والنهوض به في مناطق متعددة في سوريا.

George Mason

Director of Interfaith Peacebuilding Hind Kabawat has directed CRDC’s Syria work since 2004 and has trained hundreds of Syrians in multi-faith collaboration and civil society development. Since the beginning of the Syrian revolution, she has piloted numerous training programs related to conflict resolution, women’s empowerment, and negotiation skills in Aleppo, Idlib, the Atmeh IDP camp, Istanbul, and Amman. She is also an instructor for CRDC’s graduate seminar, Approaches to Conflict Management and Resolution: Field Work with

Success Stories

Jawaher Al-Amouri

I am Jawaher Al-Amouri Syria from the city of Hama. I started 2021 which is supposed to be the year of my graduation from university like all my peers But I’m not a college student so I entered the year with depression and stress that I couldn’t do anything to...

Abdullah Al Marndi

Abdullah, the son of Aleppo, studied law at the University of Aleppo, but he was unable to complete his studies because of the tyranny of the tyrannical regime, which prevented thousands of students from completing their studies. The opportunity for change has come and it must be at the forefront....

Zakaria Abdel Hamid

I would like to tell you, I, Iam Zakaria Abdel Hamid, a trainee with an organization independent of the Hatay Center, would like to tell you about my experience in the support sessions. The psychosocial presented by Ms. Manal Fetyani, based on the positive change that I drew in my...

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السياسية النسوية الاستثنائية المؤثرة والأم الحنون والصديقة….لأنّ بصمتها في كل قلب …ومع كل عقل…لأن ذكراها سيبقى عنوان خالد للمرأة السورية السياسية….المفاوضة …المقاومة…الحرة.. الحكيمة… المفكرة… التي احتضنت الكثير من نساء سوريا.. وقدّمت لهم العقل والقلب والتجربة والنصيحة ..لأنها كل ذلك وأكثر .. ولأننا سنسير على نهجها.. ونسعى لتحقيق حلمها سوريا حرة وديمقراطية، بمواطنة متساوية تامة، وسلام عادل ومستدام.أقامت منظمة تستقل اليوم الجمعة 10/3/2023 جلسة تأبين للدكتورة بسمة قضماني، حضره ممثلين وممثلات دول وزراء وأكاديميين وسياسيين وسياسيات سوريين ومنظمات مجتمع مدني، عبر رابط الزووم الخاص بالمنظمة . لروحها الرحمة السلام#تستقل #منظمة_تستقل#يوم_المرأة_العالمي #Tastakel#tastakel_organzation#internationalwomensday See MoreSee Less
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عقد فريق #بناة_السلام من متدربي/ات #منظمة_تستقل الدفعة العاشرة جلستي حوار عن المواطنة ومفهومها و مظاهرها في مدينة عفرين ، بمشاركة مجموعة من المدعويين/ات من جميع مكونات الشعب السوري ، تم تلخيص المشاكل و بحث عن الحلول في الجلسة لمظاهر المواطنة السورية. مع تشجيع على أهمية التوعية المجتمعية و تعزيز التواصل بين مكونات الشعب السوري للوصول إلى مجتمع متكامل ومتجانس .يذكر أن فريق بناة السلام كان من ضمن مشاريع تخرج الدفعة العاشرة لمنظمة تستقل بشراكة مع #جامعة_جورج_ميسن ، ضمن برنامج حلّ النزاعات وبناء السلام . See MoreSee Less
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