Aisha Abd Almalek

Aisha Abd Almalek

Aisha Abd Almalek – Advance Class

“Success is not a story to tell or write; success is rather our development and progress in building a healthy and sound nation.

My involvement with TASTAKEL began in 2018 when I attended my first political diploma for women, and despite the need to travel between two different states, I was very interested in attending the classes, something triggered my curiosity on the subject of negotiation.

As a psychologist, I had a psychological perspective on negotiation, one that brings happiness and satisfaction for ourselves. Since 2018 until today, I have been a member in a TASTAKEL WhatsApp group where many extensive discussions, deep conversations, and various activities took place, and while I may not be an active member in the group, I am very aware and observant of all the discussions that take place there. Through this experience, my perspectives have expanded and deepened, leading to a heightened political awareness.
Engaging in multiple training programs, diplomas, and political activities in my region, I now feel a collective responsibility to spread this awareness for the future of Syria and its people. It is crucial for the social cohesion of the Syrian population and the social contract that unites us all.

Through an advanced diploma, my understanding of conflict resolution has grown significantly. I have positioned myself as a mediator, striving for win-win solutions despite the inevitable losses that may arise then gradually disappear. Resolving conflicts and satisfying all parties involved leads to an inner peace, a state we must strive for and extend to our surroundings. Truly believing in ourselves and others is the greatest step we take towards peace.”

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