interactive theater

About Project

As part of one of the graduation projects of the sixth batch in the city of Gaziantep, with the support of the #Independent organization and George Mason_ University CRDC, the group set up today, Tuesday, an interactive theater entitled (I fear for you).

The interactive theater event came after 6 sessions were coordinated, a script was written, an advertisement was designed to invite and a number of attendees ranged between 30 men and women in the city of Gaziantep, and within a play entitled (I fear for you) in which the husband, wife and her friend are the main characters.
The husband who does not allow the wife to drive the car and prevents her from going with her friends while he is trying to persuade her on the pretext of being afraid for her. The viewers tried to participate in the scenario where the audience has the right to stop the show and intervene for three times to give positive ideas. The audience was very interactive and the characters were changed and the show was successful without guidance from the theater administration, it was Viewers’ opinions are very different and positive.
There was a keenness to receive everyone and follow the means of protection from Corona as well. After the show ended, the discussion continued for an hour with the audience.