The women’s protest in front of Bab Al-Salama crossing to demand the continued opening of the Bab Al-Hawa crossing and the entry of humanitarian aid through it, rather, the call to open the rest of the border crossings, increase humanitarian aid, and fill the shortage of basic needs in the Liberated North of Syria. Rejecting the Russian veto and any decision or pressure to divert the crossing and the entry of aid through the Syrian regime under any pretext.
We are the owners of the case…from here on ground, we address the world with clear demands, always confident in the voice of humanity… Because border crossings are the lifeline of many Syrians. By closing it, you cut off the reasons of staying alive.
The women’s protest is organized by TASTAKEL organization in coordination with other organizations and with the presence of teams and independents as well…
It’s not a crossing, it’s a lifeline