Sherine Ali

Sherine Ali

My name is Sherine Ali from Qamishli. I have a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Relations from Mardin University in Turkey. I am a graduate and a former student of TASTAKEL, an advanced-level program.

For me, TASTAKEL was not just a means to apply what I learned in books and academic courses practically, such as the concepts of transitional justice, international humanitarian law, human rights, and negotiations. It also provided me with a valuable opportunity to personally meet political figures through training sessions and have direct communication with them, facilitated by TASTAKEL .

The role of TASTAKEL in my life was not limited to being a tool; it was a path and a horizon that opened up for us. It taught us a lot and enhanced our abilities for teamwork through group working on project implementation and proposal without considering regions, ethnicities, or religions. As students in Tesstak, we worked and strived together as one entity, solely focused on achieving success.

Additionally, the first conference I participated in after graduating from my university was titled ‘Engaging Youth in Political and Public Affairs.’ TASTAKEL nominated me for the conference, and it provided me with an opportunity to express my thoughts and aspirations. It was like a dream come true, being able to think and speak out loud in front of everyone.

Lastly, what I want to say is that TASTAKEL program stands out from other training programs because it goes beyond theoretical knowledge and connects with real-life experiences. Even after completing the training program, its impact remains with us in our lives

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