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About Us

We are a group of Syrian women who believe in the power of thought and dialogue to induce change. We look forward to Syria’s transition from dictatorship and tyranny to the values of freedom, justice, rule of law, as well as equality and solidarity.

We believe that education, peacebuilding and women’s empowerment fortify our societies and put them on the path to recovery and prosperity. We also believe that plurality and diversity, if harnessed in their proper context, become a source of strength. We are convinced that Syrians possess the resources and capabilities to explore new horizons and to build a nation where all citizens live in dignity and security and enjoy equal opportunities and create a different future.


We founded Tastakel organizationin 2014 (which is an acronym for “Syrian Women Gathering that works in Words and Kindness”) as a non-profit organization that seeks to be part of the change process that Syrians came out for in 2011. Our organization has many activities and training through its centers in Turkey, inside Syria, and in many other places where Syrians are present (Europe, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan).


We work to empower women, our primary target population, and youth, when possible, politically, socially, culturally and economically. We also strive to empower women and youth to be peacemakers and to have a positive impact on their societies.
Our organization is invested in promoting a culture of non-violence and empowering others in resolving and mitigating conflicts at the family, societal and political level.
Our organization emphasizes civic participation, coordination of efforts, and exchange of expertise, knowledge and experiences. Our organization has many activities and training through its centers in Turkey, inside Syria, and in many other places where Syrians are present (Europe, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan).
Our organization is committed to non-discrimination between nationalities, religions and sects, and to the creation of a safe and supportive family atmosphere to provide the conditions necessary for reflection and development.


Our organization has, so far, benefitted about 600 women. Our Women were able to play key roles in the political and social scene. They assumed positions and obtained jobs in various sectors, including but not restricted to civil society organizations. In addition, they demonstrated an increased ability to deal positively with the family and the community, and to play effective roles in work and society and political activities.

Our Approach

Transforming the conflict on the basis of dialogue, non-violence and empowering Syrian women.

Political participation

Peacebuilding Dialogue

social programming

Success Stories


RAZAN AL-SHAMI Razan began her enrollment at the University of Aleppo in 1997. After graduation she worked at the university, specifically in the College of Agriculture in the city of Idlib, and continued her work for several years. She remained committed to her work despite being routin and somewhat unstimulating...


RANIA SHIEKH MUSTAFA   Rania holds a BA from the Faculty of Sharia from the University of Damascus, specializing in Islamic Studies and International Law, Oxford, in addition to a number of training certificates in digital security, media, and leadership. With the start of the revolution in early 2011, she...

Tayma al-Marawi

TAYMA AL-MARAWI Over the past 15 years, Tayma has been tirelessly working as an employee in one of the public sector institutions in Aleppo, while ambitiously pursuing her university studies at the Faculty of Arts, University of Aleppo, Department of Philosophy. She continued her work and studies at the same...

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عندما تُهدي أم المعتقل (إيمان الصالح) شهادتها التي حصلت عليها من منظمة #تستقل الى ابنها المعتقل نكون قد حققنا أحد أهدافنا في دعم وإيصال صوت النساء.هذه الأم التي ظلت متعلقة بألمها حتى خرجت من ظلمتها واستطاعت أن تتعلم وتثابر نحو تحقيق هدفها حتى تهدي نجاحها لمن يستحقه (ولدها يامن). See MoreSee Less
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قامت منظمة #تستقل بتخريج الدفعة السادسة من طالباتها وطلابها الذين بلغ عددهم 187 طالبة وطالب ضمن برنامج حل النزاعات المدعوم من جامعة جورج ميسن #gorge_masoوذلك يوم الثلاثاء 17 أغسطس في مدينة غازي عنتاب التركية بحضور ممثل عن الحكومة التركية ووفد من الاتحاد الأوربي والبروفسور مراد المستشار التعليمي لمنظمة تستقل من جامعة Zaim في استنبول.ومع إنهاء الدورة السادسة يكون قد بلغ عدد المتدربات والمتدربين 786 من جميع أنحاء ضمن برنامج دراسي مدته 75 ساعة ما بين نظري وعملي لمشاريع التخرج.ألف مبروك للخريجات والخريجين💐 See MoreSee Less
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أقامت منظمة تستقل يوم أمس الأربعاء جلسة نقاش أوراق عمل في حل النزاعات المحلية والتي قدمها طلاب وطالبات منظمة #تستقل.بحضور مجموعة من أساتذة جامعات هارفرد- جورج مايسون- تورنتو- القدس- حسن قلينجو التركية وجامعة اعزاز. See MoreSee Less
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دعوة عامة من منظمة #تستقل See MoreSee Less
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أضحى مبارك وكل عام وأنتم بألف خير من منظمة #تستقل See MoreSee Less
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تتشرف منظمة #تستقل بدعوتكم للمشاركة في حوار مفتوح مع الروائية، وجيهة عبد الرحمن وذلك يوم الأحد: 18/7/2021في تمام الساعة التاسعة بتوقيت سوريا .سيكون اللقاء عبر منصة الزوم الخاصة بالمنظمة ،وسيكون فريق الدعم التقني جاهزا لتلقي استفساراتكم وتقديم المساعدة في حال واجهتكم أية مشاكل تقنية في الدخول إلى الندوة بإمكانكم التواصل على الرقم التالي:wa.me/+905523455590www.tastakel.org/رابط الدخول إلى الندوة:us02web.zoom.us/j/86205529100?pwd=bW1EVTZYSVdIL0VJZ3ZCNDExMW4vQT09 See MoreSee Less
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وداعاً عقاب يحيى، إلى رحمة الله#تستقل #Tastakel See MoreSee Less
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وقفة نسائية على معبر باب السلامة، قامت بتنظيمها #تستقل بالتعاون مع عدة منظمات ضمن نشاطات حملة #شريان_الحياة من أجل عدم إغلاق المعبر الوحيد المتبقي وإعادة فتح باقي المعابر.The women’s protest in front of Bab Al-Salama crossing to demand the continued opening of the Bab Al-Hawa crossing and the entry of humanitarian aid through it, rather, the call to open the rest of the border crossings, increase humanitarian aid, and fill the shortage of basic needs in the Liberated North of Syria. Rejecting the Russian veto and any decision or pressure to divert the crossing and the entry of aid through the Syrian regime under any pretext. We are the owners of the case…from here on ground, we address the world with clear demands, always confident in the voice of humanity… Because border crossings are the lifeline of many Syrians. By closing it, you cut off the reasons of staying alive. The women’s protest is organized by Tastakil organization in coordination with other organizations and with the presence of teams and independents as well…It’s not a crossing, it’s a lifeline #Life_Line#Tastakel#Liberated_Syria See MoreSee Less
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