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About Us

We are a group of Syrian women who believe in the power of thought and dialogue to induce change. We look forward to Syria’s transition from dictatorship and tyranny to the values of freedom, justice, rule of law, as well as equality and solidarity.

We believe that education, peacebuilding and women’s empowerment fortify our societies and put them on the path to recovery and prosperity. We also believe that plurality and diversity, if harnessed in their proper context, become a source of strength. We are convinced that Syrians possess the resources and capabilities to explore new horizons and to build a nation where all citizens live in dignity and security and enjoy equal opportunities and create a different future.


We founded Tastakel organizationin 2014 (which is an acronym for “Syrian Women Gathering that works in Words and Kindness”) as a non-profit organization that seeks to be part of the change process that Syrians came out for in 2011. Our organization has many activities and training through its centers in Turkey, inside Syria, and in many other places where Syrians are present (Europe, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan).


We work to empower women, our primary target population, and youth, when possible, politically, socially, culturally and economically. We also strive to empower women and youth to be peacemakers and to have a positive impact on their societies.
Our organization is invested in promoting a culture of non-violence and empowering others in resolving and mitigating conflicts at the family, societal and political level.
Our organization emphasizes civic participation, coordination of efforts, and exchange of expertise, knowledge and experiences. Our organization has many activities and training through its centers in Turkey, inside Syria, and in many other places where Syrians are present (Europe, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan).
Our organization is committed to non-discrimination between nationalities, religions and sects, and to the creation of a safe and supportive family atmosphere to provide the conditions necessary for reflection and development.


Our organization has, so far, benefitted about 600 women. Our Women were able to play key roles in the political and social scene. They assumed positions and obtained jobs in various sectors, including but not restricted to civil society organizations. In addition, they demonstrated an increased ability to deal positively with the family and the community, and to play effective roles in work and society and political activities.

Our Approach

Transforming the conflict on the basis of dialogue, non-violence and empowering Syrian women.

Political participation

Peacebuilding Dialogue

social programming

Success Stories

Salam Al-Ghader

SALAM AL-GHADER Salam is from the city of Deir Ezzor. She studied at the Faculty of Arts, in the Department of Arabic Literature. She was always interested in public affairs and followed social as well as political matters. Salam was one of the Syrians who was waiting for change, and...

Sulafa ShikhHasan

Sulafa Shikh Hasan Sulafa has held many positions in local and international organizations in the field of humanitarian work. She worked in project management as well as in public relations. She also has experience working with donors, obtaining grants, and building partnerships between organizations. She also worked on organizing and...

Shaza Al-Farhan

Shaza AL Farhan “When your life-cards are scattered, and you’re trying to collect them again. When you cross the zero point, climbing up to approach the top and then drop to zero again, when your hand touches the sky, and suddenly you drop to the ground and have to start...

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وقفة تضامنية ورسوم جدارية في مدينة عزاز في الداخل السوري المحرر أقامتها منظمة #تستقل ضمن نشاطات حملة المعتقلين #مانسيناكم التي يشارك بها مجموعة من طالبات وطلاب تستقل.شارك الوقفة أيضاً أهالي وأصدقاء المعتقلين والمختفين قسراً الذين وجهوا رسائل إلى معتقليهم وقاموا بوضعها على الجدار.تقوم حملة #مانسيناكم بالتذكير بقضية المعتقلين والتي هي واحدة من أعقد الملفات في القصية السورية.الرحمة للشهداء والحرية لجميع #المعتقلينشكر للفنانين الذين قاموا برسم اللوحات الجدارية Aziz Asmar See MoreSee Less
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#تستقل تفتخر بتخريج طلابها وطالباتها في الداخل السوري المحررمبارك لجميع أبناء سوريا الحرة #Tastakelfb.watch/amSZ6I2jSP/ See MoreSee Less
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عام من العمل الذي كُلل بالنجاح والإنجازات القيّمة، نتمنى لجميع طالبتنا وطلابنا مزيداً من التقدممكملين #تستقل #Tastakel See MoreSee Less
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عام جديد مليء بالسعادة والنجاح happy new year #Tastakel See MoreSee Less
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حملة #ما_نسيناكم مع طلاب وطالبات #تستقلIn this new year, most of us have plans, ideas, and dreams… Some may be in a state of relative stability, but others still suffer from life’s changes, many who long for the simple necessities of life, and in vain search for their existence in the non-being that they live. living in endless waiting, outside of all human needs, surrounded by their fears within unknown fate, living in dreams that they wish become true, spending their nights and days mingle with pain and darkness between those desperate walls. Where their dreams converge with their relatives dreams , where memories bring back pictures and preserves them, yearning for a better future, for a life worthy of human beings and their dignity within a society where justice, love and peace prevail, and a sense of safety they might live.For their sake, we launched this campaign, “We Have Not Forgotten You,” in order to keep reminding and remembering the issue of the detainees. We have not and will not forget them… See MoreSee Less
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ميلاد مجيد من أسرة #تستقل وينعاد عليكم جميعاً بالخير والسلام. Merry Christmas from #Tastakel See MoreSee Less
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أقامت منظمة #تستقل يوم أمس الثلاثاء جلسة حوارية مع الأمينة العامة لمنظمة أديان من أجل السلام الدكتورة (عزة كرم) وبتيسير من الدكتورة عفراء جلبي.وبحضور غني من طلاب وطالبات تستقل والعديد من المنظمات الدولية المتخصصة في حوار الأديان ومنظمات محلية.تناولت الجلسة الحديث عن أهمية دور المرأة في الحوار الديني، مما أشارت إليه الدكتورة عزة أنه وكما الماء يكون هو مصدر الحياة والنمو إذا كنا راشدين في استخدامه، ومصدر للدمار إن حدث طوفان وأغرقتنا المياه، كذلك الدين بإمكانه أن يكون مصدر سلام وتقدم إن كنا راشدين وبإمكانه أن يكون مصدر تطرف ودمار إذا غرقنا في اللغو والتطرف.كما كان هناك مشاركة مميزة لسماحة الشيخ حسين الأمين من لبنان وفضيلة الشيخ عبد العزيز موسى من مكة المكرمة وكذلك الدكتور أصلان مراد من جامعة صلاح الدين استنبول.Yesterday, Tuesday, #Tastakel organization held a dialogue session with the Secretary-General of Religions for Peace Dr. Azza Karam, facilitated by Dr. Afra jalabi.And in the presence of rich students and students of the independence and many international organizations specialized in interfaith dialogue and local organizations.The session discussed the importance of the role of women in religious dialogue, which Dr. Azza pointed out that just as water is the source of life and growth if we are adults in its use, and a source of destruction if a flood occurs and water floods us, likewise religion can be a source of peace and progress if we are adults and it can To be a source of extremism and destruction if we drown in idle talk and extremism.There was also a distinguished participation of His Eminence Sheikh Hussein Al-Amin from Lebanon and His Eminence Sheikh Abdul Aziz Musa from Makkah Al-Mukarramah, as well as Dr. Aslan Murad from Salahaddin University Istanbul. See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

منظمة تستقل Tastakel Organization
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