Nuha Al-Nabulsi

RAZAN AL-SHAMI Noha was currently a law student, born in the city of Hama in 1985, who was unable to complete her studies when she got married in the second year. Also, because in the same year she had to move when the revolution started in 2011 to reside in the northern Hama countryside. But… Continue reading Nuha Al-Nabulsi


RAZAN AL-SHAMI Razan began her enrollment at the University of Aleppo in 1997. After graduation she worked at the university, specifically in the College of Agriculture in the city of Idlib, and continued her work for several years. She remained committed to her work despite being routin and somewhat unstimulating for her. Like most government… Continue reading RAZAN AL-SHAMI


RANIA SHIEKH MUSTAFA   Rania holds a BA from the Faculty of Sharia from the University of Damascus, specializing in Islamic Studies and International Law, Oxford, in addition to a number of training certificates in digital security, media, and leadership. With the start of the revolution in early 2011, she was at the forefront. She… Continue reading RANIA SHIEKH MUSTAFA

Tayma al-Marawi

TAYMA AL-MARAWI Over the past 15 years, Tayma has been tirelessly working as an employee in one of the public sector institutions in Aleppo, while ambitiously pursuing her university studies at the Faculty of Arts, University of Aleppo, Department of Philosophy. She continued her work and studies at the same time. She was able to… Continue reading Tayma al-Marawi