Jawaher Al-Amouri

I am Jawaher Al-Amouri Syria from the city of Hama. I started 2021 which is supposed to be the year of my graduation from university like all my peers But I’m not a college student so I entered the year with depression and stress that I couldn’t do anything to At the beginning of the… Continue reading Jawaher Al-Amouri

Abdullah Al Marndi

Abdullah, the son of Aleppo, studied law at the University of Aleppo, but he was unable to complete his studies because of the tyranny of the tyrannical regime, which prevented thousands of students from completing their studies. The opportunity for change has come and it must be at the forefront. He worked in the relief,… Continue reading Abdullah Al Marndi

Zakaria Abdel Hamid

I would like to tell you, I, Iam Zakaria Abdel Hamid, a trainee with an organization independent of the Hatay Center, would like to tell you about my experience in the support sessions. The psychosocial presented by Ms. Manal Fetyani, based on the positive change that I drew in my life during These weeks, and… Continue reading Zakaria Abdel Hamid

Maram Salloum

Maram Salloum is an immigrant from the northern countryside of Hama and residing in Turkey, a graduate of the Technical Institute for Emergency Medical Services / University of Hama, a media student at Ankara University, and a law student at Anatolia University. When I came to Turkey, I was unable to work with my Syrian… Continue reading Maram Salloum

Salam Al-Ghader

SALAM AL-GHADER Salam is from the city of Deir Ezzor. She studied at the Faculty of Arts, in the Department of Arabic Literature. She was always interested in public affairs and followed social as well as political matters. Salam was one of the Syrians who was waiting for change, and when the revolution started, she… Continue reading Salam Al-Ghader

Sulafa ShikhHasan

Sulafa Shikh Hasan Sulafa has held many positions in local and international organizations in the field of humanitarian work. She worked in project management as well as in public relations. She also has experience working with donors, obtaining grants, and building partnerships between organizations. She also worked on organizing and planning meetings and symposiums at… Continue reading Sulafa ShikhHasan

Shaza Al-Farhan

Shaza AL Farhan “When your life-cards are scattered, and you’re trying to collect them again. When you cross the zero point, climbing up to approach the top and then drop to zero again, when your hand touches the sky, and suddenly you drop to the ground and have to start again, what would you do?”… Continue reading Shaza Al-Farhan

Shifaa Murad

Shifaa Murad   Being one of them, she proudly uses the term “people with special determination” rather than“physically challenged or “special needs.” Shifaa was born in the city of Darya,one of the suburbs of Damascus. When she was six years old, she joined schoollike the rest of other children in Darya. But unfortunately, she did… Continue reading Shifaa Murad

Nour Al-am

Nour al-Am Nour was happy when she was accepted at the university of Aleppo to study English Literature. This was her dream. She was so determined to enroll in this program, that she even sat in her high school final exams for two consecutive years to be to apply to this program. She wanted to… Continue reading Nour Al-am

Nevin Al-Houtry

NEVIN AL-HOUTRY The displacement journey was harsh, its bad effects still haunt the forcibly displaced from their homes. But less than a month in the north, Nevin started again. She had worked with the women of Easter Ghouta under siege and bombardment. In the north, in her newly found home she started working with women… Continue reading Nevin Al-Houtry