An Education towards a Brilliant Future for Syrians

TASTAKEL organization recently hosted a graduation ceremony for its students at the tenth, eleventh, and advanced levels of the Conflict Resolution program, generously supported by George Mason University. The ceremony, which took place on June 22nd, was a momentous occasion. On behalf of the TASTAKEL family, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to all our students.… Continue reading An Education towards a Brilliant Future for Syrians

interactive theater

interactive theater About Project As part of one of the graduation projects of the sixth batch in the city of Gaziantep, with the support of the #Independent organization and George Mason_ University CRDC, the group set up today, Tuesday, an interactive theater entitled (I fear for you). The interactive theater event came after 6 sessions… Continue reading interactive theater

Legal Consultations

Legal Consultations About Project The project provides free legal advice in the Harem area of ​​Idlib countryside The project targets women who have a legal status and need support or advice (marriage – divorce – custody – cases of harassment – inheritance – electronic assault – blackmail – property rights and rent) Services are provided… Continue reading Legal Consultations